Teach Vegetarian is a resource for GCSE Food Technology students and teachers to find out everything there is to know about vegetarianism. There are over four million vegetarians and vegans in the UK - and many more people are choosing to eat less meat for health or environmental reasons; veggie food is big business!

Films available for GCSE Food Tech and Sixth Form students

Food For LifeFor GCSE Food Technology. Covers all aspects of the vegetarian diet including health and nutrition; animals; environment; feeding the world and examples of what to eat each day to be healthy.

Not In My NameFor Sixth form and GCSE classes debating factory farming. Ten celebrities - including Sir Paul McCartney, actors Joanna Lumley and Martin Shaw; singer Chrissie Hynde; barrister Michael Mansfield QC and top-selling author Anne Fine - speak from the heart to condemn factory farming. Contains powerful footage.

NEW Veggie Cooking Guide

New guide for kids makes cooking veggie easy!

A fabulous 28 page colour booklet featuring 23 delicious, quick and healthy recipes, many of which were invented by young veggies and vegans themselves!

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School Speakers and Cookery Demonstrations

Viva!Health has trained school speakers who are prepared to give talks to your class free of charge


Bean burgers vegetarian vegan

Bean Burgers

These are easy, quick, tasty and cheap! This is a flexible recipe that can easily be changed by using different combinations of beans/lentils and spice/herbs.


Fruit Kebabs with Chocolate Sauce Veggie Vegan GCSE ideas

Fruit Kebabs with Chocolate Sauce

Healthy and decadent! A low-fat dessert that blows all the stereotypes out of the water.



Pizza Veggie Vegan GCSE Food Technology


Mmmm, everybody loves pizza. Here is a cool vegan version!



Chilli Non Carne

Chilli Non Carne

We just had to include this recipe – it is taken from the Martin Shaw Recipe Guide and has been eaten by literally tens of thousands of people around the country!

See all recipes

Healthy veggie plate

Vegetarian-Vegan plate food daily diet

Why vegetarian?

  1. Health and nutrition
    Cutting down on meat and eating more fresh fruit and veg reduces your risk of many illnesses. Find out what to eat each day for health and energy.
  2. Protecting animals
    Most of the animals raised for meat production in the UK are factory farmed.
  3. The environment
    The livestock industry is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the whole world's transport.
  4. World hunger
    How could going vegetarian help feed more people?
  5. Religious and ethical food choices
    What do religions say about going vegetarian?



What is a vegetarian?

A vegetarian doesn’t eat red meat (such as lamb, beef, pork, bacon etc), white meat (poultry such as chicken, duck and turkey), fish (eg anchovies, salmon, cod etc) or other water life (eg prawns, lobsters, crabs, oysters, shellfish etc) or slaughterhouse by-products (eg gelatine, animal fat, lard or animal rennet). There are estimated to be some 5 million vegetarians in the UK.
Most vegetarians fit this category. It means vegetarians who don’t eat meat or fish but do eat dairy products and eggs.
A vegetarian who eats dairy products but no eggs.
A vegetarian who eats eggs but no dairy products.

What is a vegan?

A vegan eats legumes (eg beans of all sorts, lentils, peas), grains (eg cereals, bread, pasta, rice etc), fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Vegans do not eat any animal products at all – so no meat, fish or slaughterhouse by-products like a vegetarian – but additionally exclude dairy products, eggs and honey.
Most vegans also choose not to wear animal products such as fur, wool, silk or leather due to the exploitation (and usually death) of the animals concerned in order to derive them.

The easy way to remember vegetarians eat nothing from slaughtered animals; vegans eat nothing from living or dead animals.



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Veggie Burger vs Meat burger

Meaty burger vs Veggie burger

Beefburger in a Hamburger White Bun with Chips and Tomato Sauce versus Veggie Burger in a Wholemeal Roll with Potato Wedges and a Green Salad.

Which do you think is best for your health?

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